Beating The Bounds 2016

Event Details

Sunday 1 st May (Bank Holiday Weekend), Beating the Bounds Beating the Bounds is an established and enjoyable annual walking event in Westerham which helps the Westerham Society raise funds for the floral decorations of the town. The tradition of ‘beating the bounds’ of a parish to know its full extent existed before the days of maps. This ancient tradition has been revived in Westerham, with residents, friends, families and visitors invited to walk as much or as little as they wish of the 12 mile route, guided along the way by volunteer stewards. Walkers finish up on the Green where celebrations, the Farmers’ Market, a BBQ, music and children’s entertainment await. The Scouts will be guiding and entertaining the walkers along the ‘family’ section 3 See the “What’s on” page at There is free entry to this event which begins at 8am on Sunday 1 st May. Trek as much, or as little, as you like ; families can enjoy the special family section with the guidance of the Scouts. The BBQ, music, and children’s entertainment begin on the Green from 12 noon The tradition of Beating the Bounds seems to go back at least to Anglo-Saxon times, and may have been started by the Romans, who had a festival called Terminalia in honour of Terminus, the god of landmarks, to whom cakes and wine were offered, while sport and dancing took place at the boundaries.