Details of Recent Events

Note: Where an event requires special booking please refer to the latest Newsletter.

Here are details of the recent Westerham Society events:

Recent Events

  • Canada Day Social

    on 1st Jul 2022 6:00:pm, at Quebec House

      We are delighted to have arranged another Canada Day Social Evening for Society Members in the Garden of Quebec House. The event will include drinks and canapes and there will be a short talk about Quebec House and General Wolfe. The Social will be free to Society Members, but as there will be a limit on the total number attending Members will need to apply for tickets in advance of the event.

  • Talk – Cancelled

    on 10th Jun 2022 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    Unfortunately, due to a number of issues, we have had to take the decision to cancel the June Talk.

  • Ballooning over Westerham and Beyond

    on 13th May 2022 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

      Mark Stokoe will explain the passion and practical side of flying his Balloons. He will illustrate this with photographs of his flights.   Come and enjoy Mark's Stories.

  • Beating the Bounds and Fair on The Green

    on 2nd May 2022 11:00:am, at The Green

    The traditional Beating the Bounds family walk returns this year with a sign-posted route around the Westerham Parish boundaries starting from 8.00 am. The event is free and walkers can undertake all or part of the route at their own chosen time. The Scouts will organise a Family Trail for a section of the route. Walkers can finish at The Green where they will be able to enjoy food, refreshments, stalls and entertainment. The Fair on The Green is a  joint event between The Westerham Society, Westerham Town Partnership and the Edenbridge & Westerham Rotary. The Fair will run from 11.00 am until 4.30 pm. Come and enjoy the day.   For further information and to download the route directions please go to:     (more…)

  • A Magic Show

    on 8th Apr 2022 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    Darren Filsell will present a mix of card magic and mentalism.

    Darren has had a passion for magic since his grandfather showed him his first trick at the age of 7. Since then, he has wanted to entertain people through this wonderful art of mystery and deception.

    Prepare to be amazed!

  • AGM and a Talk about Memories of 50 Years as a Journalist

    on 11th Mar 2022 7:00:pm, at Westerham Hall

    We look forward to seeing Members at the AGM starting at 7 pm to hear reports on the activities during the last year and to learn about the Committee's plans for 2022. Members will be able to express views about the Society's plans.  
      Memories of 50 Years as a Journalist by Colin Maffham. Starting at 8 pm the Talk will also include references to newspaper proprietors Robert Maxwell, Eddie Shah and Vere Harmsworth, probably the best known newspaper group owners.  

  • Confessions of a Crossword Setter

    on 11th Feb 2022 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    A Talk by Tim Moorey. Tim compiles crosswords for the Times and Sunday Times, as well as The Week, Money Week and Newsweek.

  • Talk Postponed due to Covid Issues – Memories of 50 Years as a Journalist

    on 14th Jan 2022 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    A Talk by Colin Maffham. The Talk will also include references to newspaper proprietors Robert Maxwell, Eddie Shah and Vere Harmsworth, probably the best known newspaper group owners.   The Talk will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

  • Christmas Social

    on 19th Dec 2021 12:00:pm, at A Private Venue

    The annual convivial lunchtime Christmas Social open to all Members through advanced ticket sales.  Regrettably the Social has had to be cancelled in the light of the developing Covid infection levels.

  • Annual Churchill Dinner

    on 30th Nov 2021 7:00:pm, at A Private Venue

    The Society will hold its annual Sir Winston S. Churchill memorial dinner, not at Chartwell but at an alternative private venue this year. Our guest speaker is Sir Nicholas Soames, the son of the late Lord Soames and the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. After service in the Army with the 11th Hussars, Sir Nicholas was Equerry to HRH The Prince of Wales, served in the United States Senate, worked in the City of London and then entered Parliament as a Conservative Member from 1983 to 2019. During his long and distinguished career in Parliament, he held senior roles including Minister for Defence and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Sir Nicholas has a specialist knowledge in the fields of Anglo-American defence and security in the Middle East, Europe, international affairs, trade and industry, aviation and the countryside.  He currently serves as President of the Conservative Middle East Council and holds several advisory roles. Members will be invited to purchase tickets.

  • Concorde – Icon of the Sky

    on 12th Nov 2021 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    Concorde taking off Guy Bartlett is an aviation historian and trainer with significant experience of public speaking. He uses archive film footage, technology, music, humour and a genuine enthusiasm to provide a fascinating insight into aviation-related topics. The fastest passenger aircraft of all time.  First flown in 1969, this iconic plane was ahead of its time in many ways. Guy invites us join him on a journey of discovery focused on this beautiful aircraft and learn new facts as he shares his experience of super-sonic flight with you. There will never be another aircraft like Concorde. When she flew the public would stop to look up. The perfect synergy of technology and design.

  • The Gunpowder Plot

    on 15th Oct 2021 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    A talk by David Gilmour   David’s talk was planned before COVID 19 changed everything.  His talk will cover the whole story of the Gunpowder Plot, which he knows very well having a family connection to it.

  • Country Fayre

    on 18th Sep 2021 11:00:am, at The Green

    To be held jointly with the Westerham Town Partnership, Edenbridge and Westerham Rotary and the Town Council. The Country Fayre will include a variety of individual local craft, fashion and vintage stalls, along with entertainment, music and food for all the family to enjoy.  Please come and join us.

  • Bletchley Park and the Breaking of the German Codes in WW2

    on 10th Sep 2021 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    A talk by Ian Thomson   Ian Thomson was a voluntary guide at Bletchley park for ten years and has been giving talks on Bletchley Park for over 25 years. His talk will cover how Bletchley Park started, it’s growth and achievements. The breaking of Enigma and other high level machines, some of the personalities and the effect of the work on the outcome of the war.