Recent Events

Details of Recent Events

Note: Where an event requires special booking please refer to the latest Newsletter.

Here are details of the recent Westerham Society events:

Recent Events

  • The Great Storm

    on 12th Jan 2018 8:00:pm, at Westerham Hall

    A chance to hear Bob Ogley's personal account, of the damage and impact locally, caused by the Great Storm in October 1987. Bob was the first local journalist on the scene and his subsequent book went into the bestsellers list.

  • Christmas Social

    on 10th Dec 2017 12:00:pm, at TBA

    The annual lunchtime Christmas Social open to all members. Venue to be advised

  • Annual Sir Winston S. Churchill Dinner at Chartwell

    on 30th Nov 2017 7:30:pm, at Chartwell

    The Society will hold its annual Sir Winston S. Churchill memorial dinner at the Mulberry Room in Chartwell. Tickets by invitation to members.

  • October Lecture: “Churchill at Chartwell” by Kate Mail and Nicole Day

    on 13th Oct 2017 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    Last September, Chartwell launched an appeal to raise over £7 Million and reinvigorate the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill at his family home.

    To date the Chartwell appeal has reached £6 Million and many important items have been acquired. Kate Mail, Learning Officer, will advise how the funding has been springboard for engaging a new generation with Churchill's legacy.

    Nicole Day, House Manager, will highlight some of the objects that have been acquired and advise how the funding will also allow new rooms and spaces top be opened, including Churchill's bedroom.


  • Lecture: “The Queen’s Jewels” by David Thomas

    on 15th Sep 2017 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    David Thomas was crown jeweller to the English monarchy from 1991 to 2007, capsule when he retired. His job was keeping the monarchs crowns and jewels in order. His talk covers the Queens fabulous personal jewellery collection including the famous Cambridge Emeralds – which were apparently won in a German lottery in the nineteenth century.

  • July 1st Picnic

    on 1st Jul 2017 2:00:pm, at The Green

    Traditionally, each year,  the Society has held an informal picnic on 4th July. This date recognised Winston Churchill's American Mother, acknowledged our American members and was a jolly good reason for an informal get together!

    However, we have decided to give focus to our other great Westerham hero, General James Wolfe, and his obvious connection to Canada. Saturday, July 1st is Canada Day and 2017 sees the 150 anniversary of the granting of Dominion Status to Canada. The Committee have decided that we should join with Westerham Town Council in celebrating this day. There are plans to have a proclamation of Westerham's association with Wolfe and Canada, by way of a small gathering and ceremony by  the Wolfe statue, on the Green at app 13:00 ( EXACT TIME TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE COUNCIL). Our picnic has always been an informal, come for as long as you want, bring some food and drink, mix with friends and enjoy the (hopefully) sun. We assume this will start straight after the ceremony.

    Please come to the ceremony, bring your picnic, and then stay a while.

    In future years we hope to keep to this 1st July, Canada celebration and develop the event into a full 'Summer Social' for members.

  • Lecture: A day in the life of a “Tower of London’ Beefeater by Mitch Jones

    on 2nd Jun 2017 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    The guards at the Tower of London are called Yeoman Warders but nicknamed Beefeaters. In principle they are responsible for looking after any prisoners at the Tower and safeguarding the British crown jewels, about it but in practice they act as tour guides and are a tourist attraction in their own right. Come and listen to some lovely stories from Mitch Jones who is also active in the London Welsh Male Voice Choir.


  • Beating The Bounds 2017

    on 1st May 2017 8:00:am, at

    Monday 1st May (Bank Holiday Weekend), approved Beating the Bounds Beating the Bounds is an established and enjoyable annual walking event in Westerham. The tradition of ‘beating the bounds’ of a parish to know its full extent existed before the days of maps. This ancient tradition has been revived in Westerham, for sale with residents, ed friends, families and visitors invited to walk as much or as little as they wish of the 12 mile route. Walkers and all others are invited finish up on the Green .  There is no charge for this event which begins at 8am. Trek as much, or as little, as you like , families can enjoy the special family section. ( for more details see: “What’s on” page at

    Music,  stalls, entertainment and Pizzas begin on the Green from 12 noon

    The tradition of Beating the Bounds seems to go back at least to Anglo-Saxon times, and may have been started by the Romans, who had a festival called Terminalia in honour of Terminus, the god of landmarks, to whom cakes and wine were offered, while sport and dancing took place at the boundaries.

  • St George’s Day breakfast

    on 23rd Apr 2017 9:30:am, at George and Dragon

    Sunday 23rd April, more about 9.30 – 11am, St. George’s Day Breakfast at the George and Dragon. Come along and join our 11th St. George’s Day Breakfast! Members, children and guests are invited to sit down to a full cooked English breakfast.  Booking forms will be distributed in the March newsletter.

  • Westerham Society AGM followed by “Westerham , The Way Forward” with Henry Warde

    on 24th Mar 2017 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    The Westerham Society AGM will be at 7:00 pm and is for members only.

    At 8:00 pm there will be a presentation and discussion led by Henry Warde of the Squerryes Estate.

  • Lecture “The Roman Villa at Lullingstone” by Rod Shelton

    on 10th Feb 2017 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

  • Lecture “3000 years of African Gold” by Michael Martineau

    on 13th Jan 2017 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

  • Annual Sir Winston S. Churchill Dinner at Chartwell

    on 30th Nov 2016 7:30:pm, at Chartwell

    The Society will hold its annual Sir Winston S. Churchill memorial dinner at the Mulberry Room in Chartwell. Tickets by invitation to members.

  • “Stone Age Kent” – Talk by Dr. Natalie Cohen, Westerham Hall

    on 14th Oct 2016 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    Friday 14th October, viagra dosage Westerham Hall –  Did you know how our ancestors lived at Squerryes Farm, more about Knole Park, Oldbury Hill and Dover. This talk highlights some amazing discoveries from the Stone Age through to the times of William the Conqueror and reveals remarkable tools, relics, weaponry and food of that time.

  • “Hever Castle” – Talk by Alison Palmer Alison, Westerham Hall

    on 16th Sep 2016 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall

    Friday 16th September, Westerham Hall, “Hever Castle” - Talk by Alison Palmer Alison and her team will share some fascinating historical stories from the annals of Hever Castle history. From 1462 to 1539 it was the seat of the Boleyn, originally 'Bullen', family. Anne Boleyn the second queen of King Henry VIII of England spent her early youth there, after her father, Thomas Boleyn had inherited it in 1505. It later came into the possession of King Henry's fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. We know Henry owned Penshurst Place and other stately homes in parts of Kent. How often did he visit Hever? Did he meet Anne at Hever or in the Royal Courts? Was there another Boleyn romance for Henry with Anne’s sister? All will be revealed.