Upcoming Events

Details of Upcoming Events

Note: Where an event requires special booking please refer to the latest Newsletter.

Here are details of the upcoming Westerham Society events:

Upcoming Event Calendar

  • “America’s Presidents – in bits and pieces” Talk

    on 1st Jun 2018 8:00:pm, at Westerham Hall

    A humorous presentation by Joe Mendell, actor, director and theatre buff, on the strange facts about USA Presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump. Joe is a renowned "in character" presenter for talks on the likes of Mark Twain, Harry Houdini and Bob Newhart. It promises to be an entertaining and informative evening.

  • Canada Day Social

    on 1st Jul 2018 6:00:pm, at Quebec House

    A summer social in the lovely gardens of Quebec House where we can spend an evening together and raise a glass to the 151st anniversary of the granting of Dominion status to Canada. Drinks and canapes will be served. A pre-booking ticket event for members and guests.

  • Annual Sir Winston S. Churchill Dinner at Chartwell

    on 30th Nov 2018 7:30:pm, at Chartwell

    The Society will hold its annual Sir Winston S. Churchill memorial dinner at the Mulberry Room in Chartwell. Tickets by invitation to members.