Upcoming Events

Details of Upcoming Events

Note: Where an event requires special booking please refer to the latest Newsletter.

Here are details of the upcoming Westerham Society events:

Upcoming Event Calendar

  • AGM and “Thinking of the Past, Planning for the Future” by Bill Curtiss

    on 23rd Mar 2018 8:00:pm, at Westerham Hall

    The annual AGM will be held at 7:30 pm followed by the lecture at 8:00 pm. Bill will summarise the enormous project to preserve the huge amount of historically important information on Westerham's heritage, much from local families. Bill will provide a taster on some classic material and describe the planned new Heritage site giving access to all our town's history.

  • Beating the Bounds

    on 7th May 2018 8:00:am, at The Green

    Beating the Bounds is an established and enjoyable walking event in Westerham. Now organised in conjunction with the Westerham Town Partnership. The day includes music and food on the Green.

  • Canada Dominion Day Picnic

    on 1st Jul 2018 3:00:pm, at

    This will be the 151st anniversary of the granting of Dominion status to Canada. The day will be celebrated by a picnic.

  • Annual Sir Winston S. Churchill Dinner at Chartwell

    on 30th Nov 2018 7:30:pm, at Chartwell

    The Society will hold its annual Sir Winston S. Churchill memorial dinner at the Mulberry Room in Chartwell. Tickets by invitation to members.