The Westerham Society is a civic society open to men and women of all ages who share an interest in Westerham and the surrounding countryside. In addition to hosting a series of interesting talks, visits and social events, the society aims to protect the beauty and character of Westerham and the surrounding countryside. It takes action on relevant issues and represents its members on matters which might impact on the welfare or development of the town.

The society was formed in 1913 but was suspended for the duration of the Second World War. A group of local residents resurrected the society in the 1960s with the intention of recording the past history of Westerham and Crockham Hill, maintaining a record of the present times and safeguarding the future of the parish. The society has grown steadily since this time and is run by volunteers who give up their time for the benefit of the conservation and improvement of Westerham and Crockham Hill.

What are the aims of the Society?

  • Stimulate public interest in the history, beauty and character of the town of Westerham and the surrounding countryside.
  • Preserve and extend the amenities of the parish of Westerham and Crockham Hill.
  • Protect the open spaces of the parish of Westerham and Crockham Hill from encroachment and disfigurement.
  • Encourage the highest standards of architectural and town planning in the parish of Westerham and Crockham Hill.
  • Represent the wishes and safeguard the rights of its members to achieve these objectives.
  • Develop fellowship among members and would-be members by staging regular meetings and visits with a social dimension

What does the Society do?

  • Holds regular interesting talks and presentations, visits and events on local and broader themes.
  • Tries to ensure that the local historic surroundings are not destroyed and do not disappear. Although the Society acts as a custodian of the past, it also encourages the best new additions.
  • Studies local planning proposals for applications and informs the local authorities of members’ views and suggestions.
  • Keeps watch on the footpaths around the Westerham and Crockham Hill parish to ensure that they are kept clear and accessible.
  • Issues newsletters to keep members updated on activities and issues.
  • Holds an annual Sir Winston Churchill Dinner at Chartwell on his birthday on the 30th November each year. Previous guest speakers include Baroness Thatcher, Lord Healey, The Lady Soames, Sir John Major, Lord Watson and Lord Owen.

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