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On 5th February 2018 the Westerham Society launched of our Heritage website with historical records about the town of Westerham. The Heritage project was four years in the making, seeking expertise, gaining Lottery funding, collecting and organising data and providing a wonderful product for current and future generations of Westerham.  Congratulations to Bill Curtis and the team for the collection of historic material from Westerham families and other sources and posting data on the website. New stories and images about local people and events will continue to be added to the Heritage Collection.

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The Society installed a new computer terminal in Westerham Library which will allow public visitors to explore the Heritage website content at any time during opening hours. We hope that this service will make the information available to a wider audience and will encourage more people with historical records, stories or pictures about life in Westerham to get in touch and share their information.

The Society made it’s regular donation to finance the Christmas Tree on The Green and, in partnership with the Town Council, has funded the Winter hanging baskets displays in the Town Centre.  Another successful fund raising has been completed for the 2021 Summer hanging baskets with donations from Society Members and local businesses. We thank all who have contributed to provide the Town with an attractive and welcoming floral display.


  • Our Next Event

    Concorde – Icon of the Sky
    on 12th Nov 2021 7:30:pm, at Westerham Hall
    Concorde taking off Guy Bartlett is an aviation historian and trainer with significant experience of public speaking. He uses archive film footage, technology, music, humour and a genuine enthusiasm to provide a fascinating insight into aviation-related topics. The fastest passenger aircraft of all time.  First flown in 1969, this iconic plane was ahead of its time in many ways. Guy invites us join him on a journey of discovery focused on this beautiful aircraft and learn new facts as he shares his experience of super-sonic flight with you. There will never be another aircraft like Concorde. When she flew the public would stop to look up. The perfect synergy of technology and design.

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