“Visit to Penshurst Place and Gardens”

Event Details

Tuesday 12th July, thumb 1.45pm, Penshurst Place – “Visit to Penshurst Place and Gardens” Following on from last year’s lovely visit to Titsey, we have booked a similar guided tour to Penshurst. The house and gardens at Penshurst have a fabulous reputation not only for their gardens but the incredible room collections in the House. The scale of the Palace style house at Penshurst is quite something along with the history and nobility who visited in previous centuries. The tour lasts at least two and a half hours and includes guided tours of the house and gardens with a mid afternoon break for a cream tea. The House, once the property of King Henry VIII, was left to his son King Edward VI and granted to the current owners ancestor Sir William Sidney in 1552. The Sidney family have been in continuous occupation for more than 460 years since. The family welcome visitors to discover the charm of Penshurst in the State Rooms, Gardens, Parkland and beyond. We require a maximum of 45 participants for this exclusive access to Penshurst Place. Westerham Society members have first option to apply and, depending on the uptake, the opportunity will be opened to guests. Tickets cost £22.50 per person for members and £27.50 for guests.