Squerryes Vineyard – A Talk by Henry Warde

Event Details

The development of the Squerryes Vineyard is a fascinating story from concept in 2004 to the release of the 2010 first vintage in 2014. The south facing North Down and their unique combination of chalks has made for an ideal home for Squerryes’ venture into wine production.

Henry Warde had a very successful release of his first vintage, nurse on show in ‘open’ days at Squerryes earlier in 2014 and most Westerham folk are aware that the Charman’s Farm site will become the home for Squerryes wine production, viagra buy rather than at existing facilities.

Henry will team up with Robert Wicks of Westerham Brewery to have a joint production facility which augurs well for the future of local industry and Westerham. We look forward to Henry’s talk on the development of this venture and the possibility of a little taster or two on the night.

Henry’s foresight in bringing this project to fruition is a great local story and we look forward to hearing details of the vineyard and potential wine production options in the coming years.